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May 2nd 2023

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May 23, 2023

What does Good look like in an XLA environment?

  • A good experience is always what the business consumer values, seldom what we think it is or should be.
  • An experience level agreement (XLA) is so much more than a survey. It is a fit for purpose design.
  • A meaningful experience is not a transaction, but a cumulative dynamic sentiment established over time.
  • The traditional practice of building standard capabilities to manage a service, give way to an experience architecture catering to people as they adopt different personas and perform different roles.
  • Experience isn’t about the psychology of the individual but how you make people feel at scale in a way that matters to your business.

The XLA Stack - XLA Working with SLA

XLAs do not replace SLAs… They help each other. We need both.

The XLA Stack - An Experience Example

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