They will never forget how you made them feel

What is an XLA?

Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

The traditional model of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) has evolved. Successful organizations are building on prior engagements and focusing on Experience Level Agreements or XLA’s to improve outcomes.

Cumulative Moments Over Time

The XLA enables organizations to deliver an experience that changes and evolves over time. XLAs are dynamic. Unlike, SLAs experience level agreements use XI’s (Experience Indicators) to measure reactions to outcomes rather than steps in a process. By doing so, businesses are able to understand which experience matters and make significant improvements to their process.

What does Good look like in an XLA environment?

  • A good experience is always what the business consumer values, seldom what we think it is or should be.
  • An experience level agreement (XLA) is so much more than a survey. It is a fit for purpose design.
  • A meaningful experience is not a transaction, but a cumulative dynamic sentiment established over time.
  • The traditional practice of building standard capabilities to manage a service, give way to an experience architecture catering to people as they adopt different personas and perform different roles.
  • Experience isn’t about the psychology of the individual but how you make people feel at scale in a way that matters to your business.

The XLA Stack - XLA Working with SLA

XLAs do not replace SLAs… They help each other. We need both.

The XLA Stack - An Experience Example

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